Gods and Men

They arrived on the Light one Summer’s day.
Through the Vortex, unannounced were they!
Gods, clothed with skin — illustrious within.
They stole our daughters, one and all,
And by the Fall freakish Lives inside began.
Once born, they grew and grew.
They were unstoppable —
Part god, part man!
Brutal abnormalities —
Hellish, grotesque monstrosities
Who made us fall, one and all.
They beat us black and blue — And too
Their Fathers showed us things,
Inhuman things — Forbidden things!
And moulded us their way — For they
Were gods and men who left us then
One Autumn day — or so they say —
To save themselves and let us fend
Alone as men to pray!
Alien to our world were they 
Of Light so bright —
From the vortex one Summer’s day.