God’s Breath

I contemplate my breath –
Hold and ponder for a moment.
I repeat,
Each breath
Life – and death.
And thus, the Universe –
“God’s breath”.

Spirit –
Pure energy,
Converted into matter
With each exhalation.

Mind –
Transmitted from Source
Into innumerable conscious beings,
Pervading the Universe
Of which I am but One.

Exhale –
Until I flicker and die as a candle.
Yet whilever Source exhales,
New flames arise
And continue breathing –
Minds thinking
For their allotted time.

And this, does God –
His breath, exhaled,
Causing life,
Abundant consciousness,
Until all is extinguished
For a time.

But then – an inhalation!
Matter compressed into a singularity
Of purest energy as before.
And in that singularity,
Contained is all Thought,
As He holds and ponders for a moment,
Before exhaling once more.

Another cycle –
A billion billion lives and minds –
Eternally breathing –
And to what end,
But to give life,
And thought,
And growth
To Source?