Oh No! Oh No!

Oh no! Oh no! —
Blood! So much blood!
In the river, in the wells.
A stinking, stench — a living Hell.

Oh no! Oh no! —
Frogs! So many hopping, croaking frogs!
In our ovens, in our shoes,
Squishing, squashing — how they ooze!

Oh no! Oh no!
Gnats! Those pesky, pesty, biting gnats!
On our skin, in our hats.
Itching, scratching, this and that.

Oh no! Oh no! —
Gadflies — how they fly!
Through our windows, through our doors,
In our cupboards, in our drawers.

Oh no! Oh no! —
Coughing blood, black and dense.
Begging Pharaoh has some sense!

Oh no! Oh no! —
Weeping, bursting, popping boils.
Yellow pus — from us — recoil!

Then — Hail! Giant, frozen, icy rocks.
Crashing, smashing, dashing blocks.

Oh no! Oh no! —
What’s that frightening, clicking sound?
Locusts! Locusts all around!
Creeping, wing-ed Clouds of Death
Smoth’ring ev’ry shallow breath.

Oh no! Oh no!
Now — the brutal end.
Darkness doth descend.
Pending — Egypt’s doom
Amidst this eerie gloom.

Oh no! Oh no! —
What sorrow brings the Morrow!
Dead! So many dead!
In their sleep, in their beds,
And all because Pharaoh said —

“Oh no! — Oh no!”